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Qigong Instructors

Professor Qin Zilai, M.S. is a national and international lecturer from Wuhan University with over 30 years teaching experience. Professor Qin will guide you further in understanding 8 piece of silk to a massage level and she is specialised in 5 animals Qigong.

Professor Qin Zilai, is a director of science research in health qigong for wellbeing. She has been teaching in France, Greece, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Argentina and Colombia.

Professor Yong Chang Zhuang,China National Qigong Association

Professor Yong Chang Zhuang has a Masters degree in China traditional sport, specialising in teaching and science research.   Professor Zhuang is a committee member of the China National Health Qigong Association. Professor Zhuang is also an international coach of many countries including Thailand, Canada, Germany, US, France, Finland and Chile.

Professor Zhuang is the team leader of the science research department where he has studied the prevention of chronic diseases and analysed the health benefits of Qigong for the past 20 years. In addition to this, the Professor gives rehabilitation exercises for disabled people in wheelchairs. He also manages the Standard Training Program of health qigong and is the creator and editor of health qigong “8 piece of silk.

Professor Zhuang has also received the international outstanding referrers award, and is the winner of many outstanding medals.

Professor Yulin Wang  

Professor Yulin Wang teaches sports medicine and conducts scientific research at the Shanhai University.  She is an internationally recognised Qigong therapist and she can be seen in a number of best-selling Tai Chi DVDs. 

Dr Ou Liangshu Qigong Master, China National Qigong Association

Ou Liang-Shu, male, 67years old, graduated from Anhui Medical University- Medical Department in December 1968. He is currently the hospital chief physician of acupuncture in Second Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Traditional Chinese Medical, and the instructor of Qigong national social sports. His study is about Medical Qigong combined with traditional Chinese medicine theory to explain the secret of Qigong's health, to promote research in the practice of qigong practice of traditional health culture.

Master Wangjin

Wangjin, Wu Shu national level athletes, graduated from the Shanghai physical Education Department of martial arts, masters degree in 2010, Tongji University.  Tongji University Wushu Association instructor,  Shanghai University, won  a number of accredited awards, visited Germany and received the "Outstanding coach" title in 2011.          

Master Chenjing

Chen Jing, female, 38 years old, she is the member of Chinese Wushu Association, the Chinese martial arts, national referee, national outstanding counselor, The CPPCC members of Haozhou and the 58th generations of five animal Huatuo. She was Wushu instructor in 1987 to 1993 in Haozhaou. In 2010, she gained the province and the country's sports advanced individuals. She performs and promoted the "five animals" and "five animals sword", etc., all over China. In 2005, she was on behalf of Haozhou exchange group to visit South Korea to promote the five animals. In 2008, she was with the State Sports General Administration delegation to visit Western Europe, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States and other countries and regions to promote the teaching of the four type of health qigong. In 2011, she participated to the 5th China General Association of Sport which held for the National Health Qigong Master for training oversea. She was one of the outstanding members as her outstanding teaching of five animal.

Yang Yubing, Professor PhD Beijing University

Professor Wang Zhen is PHD from Shanghai Wushu University, he is member Chinese Health Qigong Association, International Wushu Referee. He participate the China Health Qigong and the edition and creation of Wuqixi, one of Mawangduidaoyinshu creator. He gained the 1st award of health Qigong research. He was International coach to Japan, Australia, France, Germany, Canada, Taiwan, Hongkong, Macao in the past decade.