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Xin Yi Qigong for Endocrine System Workshop

Qigong forms:

  1. Mind body spirit together as one meditation 60 times, dazhoutian, xiao zhoutian, dantian

  2. Sky, earth and person together as one

  3. Circle with universe as one, outside surround body circle

  4. Lotus flip finger nails from inside to outside

  5. Rainbow like willow branches

  6. Spring water up and down (internal gong)

  7. Yin and yang water, left hand and right hand in turn

  8. Big intestine and lung opposite way of breathing, contract anus and extend to the sky

  9. Pull window open, lung system, big toe gentle touch the floor, hands pushing down sit down

  10. Spleen and stomach one hand touch the sky and one hand tough the earth

  11. Kidney massage daimai, from huan tiao, to kidney forward to navel

  12. hold chi forward down (daoyin gong)  

  13. Chi Massage send chi to pancreas, shenque and dantian gong, inside out,

  14. Hu, xi, jing,  

  15. Ren mai, massage

  16. Left body and right body up and down massage

  17. Send chi to pancreas, stomach, liver

  18. Circle massage, bigger to smaller and back

  19. Saliva

  20. Chi in order Daoism

  21. Meditation to finish